The Importance of Electronic Consumer Reviews


Long tail targeting – the extra content created by the user reviews improves the possibility of ranking well for the long tail searchers. And also, the people who leave reviews have the tendency to utilize the same language that other individuals would utilize when they would search something for them.

Key search engine optimization considerations for the user reviews

Indexation – in order to make sure that the search engines would reach the user generated content, it is vital that it would appear in a text form in the HTML. In addition, you should avoid relying too much on iFrames, iamges, Flash, cookies, Javascript as well as other technologies that would restrict the accessibility of any content that you want to look for in the search engines.

Non-duplication – even if the snippets of the consumer electronics reviews would appear on a lot of pages such as the category pages or are marketed through the homepage, it is vital that the entire review has a one page and a one URL.

Breadth of content – as a lot of pages on the website as probable must feature user reviews in order to maximize the chance to rank well for the content as well as capitalize on a long trail of traffic. For more facts and information regarding consumer electronics, you can go to

Bad reviews are important as well – keep in mind that all of the reviews are important and a mix of negative and positive reviews assist to enhance consumer trust in the things that they read. Without a doubt, the present statistics from Reevoo suggested that the existence of bad reviews would actually enhance the conversion by about 67 percent. They have discovered that people who look and read poor reviews are better converts, as the very fact that they are giving so much attention denotes that they are more likely to be in a buying mode. About 68 percent of the consumers trust reviews more if they would see both bad and good scores while about 30 percent would suspect fake reviews or censorship if they don’t see any negative reviews or comments about a certain electronic product but then again, a lot of bad reviews are not good for the business. The advantages of having poor reviews is very dependent on the proportion of bad to good. The negative reviews here would create the positive ones more believable and reliable, but then again, there is a time wherein they would ring the bell for the clients.


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